HISİAD (Hardware Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association) is Turkey's largest HARDWARE PLATFORM, founded by Hardware Manufacturers and Businessmen, where all companies producing for the hardware industry and marketing hardware products join forces.

The primary goal of HISIAD is to gather all the companies that make up the Hardware Industry and to represent our industrialists and commercial companies in the most effective way.

We think that our industry, which is called hardware and exports 8 billion USD, is not fully defined in the GTIP category. The hardware sector provides a significant gain to our country in foreign trade. For this reason, we should work together and aim to carry our industry to the future with the qualified representation it deserves on all platforms.

As La Fontain said, “any power that is not united is weak”, all our sectors that formed the basis of HIRDAVAT for perhaps a century were ineffective within the scope of this motto! As HISIAD, we came together for a strong hardware industry. We will develop by maintaining our unity and we will succeed by working together.

Birlikte başarmak için ne yapacağız, başarılı olmak için stratejimiz ne olacak? Bu maddeleri aşağıda listeledik;

• Establishing an association strategy that will effectively represent all sectors that are within the scope of the definition of hardware.

• To ensure effective communication of HISİAD with all institutions and organizations, to have a say in the legal regulations we need, and to take an active role in all efforts to grow our sector.

• To provide the support we need for the development of all sectors and to make an effort to share this support with justice. Thus, to ensure sectoral development.

• To create opportunities that support all projects that will be beneficial for the growth of our sectors, and to make maximum use of the support provided by the state.

• To ensure the development of our sectors with a win-win formula by cooperating with our other partners.

• To make needs analysis and R&D studies, to ensure efficient use of resources in order to increase exports.

• To provide support and regulations for innovation studies for the benefit of our industry.

• Representing our industry and promoting our companies in national and international fairs.

• To produce sectoral projects in a dynamic structure that creates trends.

• By analyzing all common sectors, to create a unity that can provide collective development, to work for the country's economy to be one of the first 5 countries on a global scale, to expand our fields of activity, to ensure the growth of the hardware sector, to show exemplary solidarity as HISIAD.

Join us, let's work together to move the Turkish hardware industry to the first place in the world.

Our Vision

To be an association that has a say in international markets and effectively represents the Turkish hardware industry on all platforms so that the hardware industry can compete on a global scale.

Our Mission

To be an association that respects and enriches human life, contributes to social life for a new future, contributes to our industrialists with innovative solutions, and shares innovative technologies that are beneficial to our country's economy with the world.

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Follow the developments in our association, our members and the Turkish hardware industry.


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