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'' EMAKS Furniture Accessories San. ve Tic. LLC. “It was established in 1999 and has been successfully serving the Furniture Industry for 20 years.
 EMAKS, with its highly experienced senior management group, well-organized and qualified production force, talented design group, and a large staff of dedicated and skilled sales team, has always aimed to work solution-oriented and to be the first choice of all business partners, and with firm steps on this path. is progressing.

Customer satisfaction, which is the result of a wide distribution network spread across Turkey and 50 countries of the world, and being able to offer special products and solutions to Turkey's leading furniture companies, and doing this meticulously, has a great share in the success of EMAKS.
"To add value to furniture with innovative and extraordinary designs by using all the opportunities provided by technology and craftsmanship in accordance with its purpose"
EMAX; In order to achieve the perfect result between functionality and aesthetics, it creates unique designs by constantly experimenting.

EMAX; It is committed to this goal as well as unconditionally undertaking the responsibility of providing a wide and dynamic product range of international standards to all furniture manufacturers and furniture accessory distributors, both in Turkey and abroad, on time and under favorable conditions. Thanks to its color harmony and diversity, it has an infrastructure that can offer customer-specific solutions and respond to all kinds of needs.
The quality of the product, its design-oriented works, the use of the latest modern technology, integrated production facilities, production process, R&D and P&D studies for product functionality, continuous education and environmental awareness reflect EMAKS's understanding of quality.

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