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GEDIK WELDING is a GEDIK HOLDING company and GEDIK CASTING & VALVE company and GEDIK UNIVERSITY, GEDIK TEST CENTER (GTM) and GeKa ROBOT Holding are other institutions and areas of activity. Operating since 1963, GEDIK WELDING has been exporting to more than 80 countries with its GeKa and GeKaTec branded welding consumables, GeKaMac branded welding machines and robotic automation applications under the GekaRobot brand, and offers products and services to many sectors with its internationally registered brands.

GEDIK WELDING, which is the leader in the Turkish welding sector, produces nearly 90,000 tons of covered welding electrodes, gas, submerged, flux cored welding wires, rectifiers, submerged and submerged arc welding machines, inverter type welding machines and welding generators. is one of the largest sourcing companies.

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